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Family forms the bedrock of our well-being and security. When that security is uprooted by the challenge of divorce, it can often leave you feeling alone.

The Law Offices of Tammy-lyn Gallerani have been providing guidance and support to families in the East Bay area for over 25 years. Their depth of knowledge and experience in Family Law ensures the understanding needed to navigate the legal system and build a path towards a positive future.


Many times mediation is the best path to finding an acceptable divorce agreement while avoiding much of the expense and trauma that can often accompany litigation. Working together to resolve the challenge of dissolution can also help to build skills to resolve future conflicts. Finding a resolution in this manner is always our first consideration.


Mediation isn’t right for everyone. It may not bring you the opportunity to be heard or reach an acceptable agreement. In this case, it’s necessary to have firm but objective council with the skill and connections to maximize your day in court. We understand your needs and work to give you a clear knowledge of what to expect through the litigation process.

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